morning jam xx: new Bloc Party!!!!!! Watch the trippy new music video for “Ratchet” now!!!

bloc party

Drummer Matt Tong dancing in the beginning of this video absolutely kills me…too good.

Bloc Party released an epic new song “Ratchet” and the video for it, like the song, is: trippy, super weird, and absolutely incredible. While starting out like the music video for their track “Octopus”, what happens during the video for “Ratchet” is next level trip fest.

“Ratchet” is the first single from the bands upcoming EP The Nextwave Sessions due out August 13th through Frenchkiss Records. Check it out the music video for it below:

Gotta love the lyrics too:
“Tell your bitch to get off my shit, smokin’ on that home grown.”

The Nextwave Sessions Tracklist:
01. Ratchet
02. Obsence
03. French Exit
04. Montreal
05. Children Of The Future

xx Cher

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