late night listen xx: King Charles “Long Walk To Freedom”


Every once in a while something great comes on my newsfeed. This was one from London musician King Charles. He wrote:

“Dear All,

Nelson Mandela has been on all of our minds of late, so while in the studio, I decided to write and record him a song.

I think it is one of the great privileges of our lifetime to have been alive at the same time as a man who gave so much to the cause of freedom for all.

My dad was born and bred in South African farmland and brought me up knowing what it was like to grow up and study amidst the trauma of the apartheid movement. He also told me of the elation of seeing Mandela walking free from prison; the first democratically elected president.

I want you to have this song now, within his lifetime, to celebrate an extraordinary man.

Charles ”

Nothing makes me happier than musicians using their voice to stand up for their cause, help others, and celebrate those who do the same.

Check out the beautiful song and touching music video now:

xx Cher

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