Show review xx: ZZ Ward at the TLA!!!

ZZ Ward

Sometimes when you are running off to wreak havoc and gallivant around Austin during ACL, you need your best friend to cover for you in Philly…especially when so many epic shows come to town in the same week. Meet Jess Babeashil. She is crazy, she is fun, she tells it like it is, and you will love her.


As I cruised up to the entrance of the TLA, I felt this goofy smile creep up onto my face. It had been too long since I’d seen some solid live music, and ZZ Ward did not disappoint. Her voice had this amazing power to it, and once she whipped out that harmonica, I was sold. ZZ brought an energy to the crowd that had everyone’s feet stomping. I truly believe a crowd can make or break a show, and this crowd was definitely feeding off of everything that ZZ and her band were putting out. Their sound had that perfect balance of making you feel nostalgic without it coming across as dated. Even when it came to the songs I didn’t know, there was something about them that felt familiar. And then the best thing in the universe happened, she covered Missy Elliott. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Missy Elliott more than I love most of my family and ZZ killed it. If you ever get the chance to check out a ZZ Ward show, get your ass of the couch and go! ZZ Ward continues her tour tonight in Cincinnati, OH, and plays Life Is Beautiful Festival in Vegas, as well as Voodoo Fest in New Orleans. To check out the rest of her US tour dates before the end of the year click here!

Make sure you get ZZ Wards epic album Til The Casket Drops out now!!

xx Jess

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