afternoon jam xx: Bombay Bicycle Club “Carry Me” + New Music Video!!!!

BBC Carry Me mylifeinsound

Bombay Bicycle Club have never failed to impress me. Through each of their albums the band’s writing grows and develops, becoming more rich and vibrant each time, whether it’s a stripped down acoustic album Jack made for fun or a rock record you can fall in love to, it will be a soundtrack your travels to sing at the top of your lungs and dance to.

Bombay Bicycle Club fans know what to expect when the boys announce a new record is on that horizon, and that’s nothing except for it to be really fucking good. The band never makes the same album twice, yet they will release your favorite new album over and over again. When I first heard that their newest record in that list, So Long, See You Tomorrow is to be released as soon as February 4th via Island/Vagrant, my heart skipped a beat…and then I heard the new song. Their new single “Carry Me” is dark and aggressive, yet rich and seductive. Although the track has elements that scream Bombay Bicycle Club, the song is a completely different and absolutely sick sound that makes my heart yearn for more… now (please!!).

The song sounds so huge in your headphones that your body knows that when the band plays this live, their shows are going to be the dance workout of your year.

Bombay Bicycle Club also released two music videos for “Carry Me”! Both pay homage to Eadweard Muybridge, pioneer of stop-motion photography. The first music video is a gorgeous piece featuring the band, with dancers and drawings to get you inspired. The second is interactive! Fans can create their own stop-motion by using the band and dancers and controlling their actions throughout the music video.

So far, the band announced tour dates in Europe for February-March – you can get your tickets now here. Don’t forget to pre-order the album So Long, See You Tomorrow here!

Click here for the interactive music video!

BBC Carry Me mylifeinsound

xx Cher

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