Watch: Childish Gambino performs “Redbone” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!!!


Childish Gambino brings his song “Redbone” to the Jimmy Fallon stage and knocks us all into another dimension.

Good goddess what’s more glorious than Childish Gambino’s new album Awaken, My Love!?

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Him performing “Redbone” from the album on Jimmy Fallon wearing only shiny silver pants. Donald Glover performs the track with knee-weakening intensity as he bends and twists his vocals on the raw, funky AF track. Glover proves that one of my favorite tracks on the album most certainly can be brought to life live and taken to another whole dimension, of soul, funk and R&B. The raw intensity the performance brought the audience of The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon would make Prince proud as a purple glow lit Glover as his vocals reached glass-shattering heights fueled by passion and undeniable talent.

If you didn’t already know Childish Gambino’s Donald Glover and his intense array of talents, he is having quite a great year. With a baby on the way, Glover saw the launch of his acclaimed new show (and one of my favorites from this year) Atlanta, which he created, writes, acts in and directs. Writing this album when he wasn’t working on the show, Glover created such an epic and glorious piece of music, it’s unbelievable how much creative magic can come out of one human being. Lucky for us, his gifts of the album and show have made a dark year a lot brighter. Now after this performance, let’s hope 2017 bring a new Childish Gambino tour that will knock us into another realm.



xx Cher

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