Let’s Review: Jay Som, Soccer Mommy and Stef Chura slay First Unitarian Church in Philly!

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Meghan Bucci is our featured writer of the week and she has been busy covering some of our favorite artists stopping through Philadelphia including Jay Som, Soccer Mommy and Stef Chura at First Unitarian Church!

I’ve been looking forward to this concert for some time. Jay Som (a.k.a. Melina Duterte) headlined at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia this past Friday night. Jay Som is currently touring the U.S. in support of her latest album, Everybody Works, which was released in March of 2017.

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Jay Som has been referred to as a DIY artist, recording her albums in a master bedroom setting. The albums track list evokes a handful of genres from synth-pop to low-fi rock to even some hints of punk. This only further supports Jay Som’s notoriety as an indie artist through and through.

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My take on the bands performance at the Church Friday night: dreamy and energetic with a little hint of spice. Mixing synthesizers with the melodic chord progressions in songs like, One More Time, Please and The Bus Song, accompanied by Jay Som’s soft vocals, felt as though I was sitting on a bed, giving my friends newly composed track a listen. The mood was relaxing and inviting, the perfect tone to the start of the weekend.


Jay Som is stopping Austin, TX to play Sidewinder tonight! For tickets and more tour information click here.



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Opening for Jay Som Friday night were two stellar artists, Soccer Mommy and Stef Chura. Let’s start with Soccer Mommy..

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Soccer Mommy is the project of front woman Sophie Allison. Her debut album, Collections, was a released in August of 2017 under the Fat Possum label. Songs like Try and Inside Out off of the album, and showcased Friday night, encapsulate Sophie’s soothing vocals coupled with catchy pop undertones.



Sophie’s songs are a well-balanced mix of melancholic experiences that, when listened to closely, are all too relatable to listeners, including myself. Add tracks like Benadryl Dreams and Allison to your fall playlists. These tunes are meant to be played loudly.

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Stef Chura, no words. Well some words. A few things with her set Friday night caught my attention. First, her voice. Trembling and piercing all in one package, oozing through songs like You where she goes from singing lo-impact verses to a twangy chorus that sent chills down my spine. Second, the guitar style. Chura performed using a distinct fingerpicking style that did not go unnoticed. An overall energetic and head-bopping performance, inclusive of songs like Slow Motion and Faded Heart off of her most recent album Messes.


xx Meghan






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