Saturday Morning Tunes: Sufjan Stevens Saturday


How is it that one person can make so many ethereal songs that make souls and every emotion you’ve ever felt dance in an endless heaven of enlightenment? Meet Sufjan Stevens, the entire world’s crush. Besides being obsessed with every song he’s ever written, right now we are currently obsessed with these four tracks.

The weather has been shit in Philadelphia and all I want to do is watch movies indoors so here are some movie and Sufjan pairings to get you through another winter weekend…Unless you’re in Australia or something, which if that’s the case- lucky you, and also put these on your playlist and go outside and surf in our honor or just be on the beach for us, anything.


Call Me By Your Name (now playing at Ritz Five in Philly) features three stunning tracks by Sufjan Stevens including:




I, Tonya (now playing at Ritz at the Bourse in Philly) you must go see this award-winning biopic on Tonya Harding if you haven’t yet already. Last year, prior to the movie release Sufjan Stevens released his own storytelling 5-min ‘biopic’ on Tonya Harding, and no one can quite tell a story, or create a soundtrack like him. Listen and watch below:



Whatever you do this weekend I hope it’s the best! Stay warm my friends.

Buy all of Sufjan Stevens‘ music here.


xx Cher

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