Amber Mark leaves her mark on Austin

Our Austin-based megababe Jess Manashil went to see Amber Mark for an unforgettable show at Mohawk in Austin.


There are few things that bring me greater joy than when a friend recommends new music and it’s actually killer fucking music.  I was introduced to Amber Mark a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with her voice.  I couldn’t believe such power and wisdom was coming out of a 23 year old.  Was I a little angry because I’m 30 and can barely get a coherent thought out?  Sure.  But that didn’t stop me from wanting to hear every single track.


Her music isn’t the generic pop you’re hearing in 2018.  You can really hear the influence that living around the world has had on her. There is also a bossa nova feel to her music which was a very welcomed surprise.  That very same friend informed me that Amber would be performing in Austin this week.  Naturally, we immediately bought tickets.  As we stood in the shockingly tiny room that she was playing, I was floored at what a commanding yet humble presence Amber had on stage.  The minute she opened her mouth everyone else shut theirs which is a rarity at most shows.  Despite the fact that I hadn’t been listening to her for very long, I sang along to almost every single song.  One of my favorite tracks, “Monsoon”, which was written after the passing of her mother was even better live.  She lays vocals of her mother speaking over the song which was a beautiful way to honor her.

When it comes to covers at a show, I can usually do without them.  Amber’s cover of Sade’s “Love is Stronger than Pride” is the exception to the rule.  Her melodies are the stuff that creamy little dreams are made of.  She pays tribute to the original while still putting her own spin on it.  Her entire show was an emotional roller coaster ride.  One minute “Monsoon” is bringing me to tears and the next I’m swinging my child bearing hips to “Lose My Cool” and “Way Back”.  Amber Mark puts on an unforgettable show that requires no flashy bullshit.  Her and her band provide everything you need for a good time.  Do yourself a favor and check out her tour dates now because this girl ain’t staying in tiny venues for much longer.



xx Jess

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