Blood Orange Captivates Fans with an Immersive Show in Philly



Philly’s crush on Blood Orange gets a little bit bigger…after a brilliant show at The Fillmore. Photos by Jen Green

Story by Nicole Cier and Photography by Jen Green


Still riding the high of their August album release, Negro Swan, Blood Orange put on a hypnotic performance to a full crowd at the Fillmore on September 27 in Philadelphia. The set was complete with soulful vocals and lighting coordinated to each song, making for an intimate, dream-like ambience.

The show featured a highly anticipated saxophone solo and contributions by two backup singers who blew the crowd away with their talent and harmonies. They showcased a rare ability to hit high notes effortlessly and perfectly, and the two joined lead singer Devonté Hynes to form captivating melodies. Devonté, also known as Dev, impressed with his diverse talents from singing his poetic and politically charged lyrics to playing the piano, guitar and electric keyboard.


Backup vocalist Eva Tolkin, who you may have heard in songs with Charlie XCX and Solange, got a chance to dominate the stage. She delivered a breathtaking solo backed by the audience screaming with excitement. She had an undeniable chemistry with the rest of the band, smiling and dancing through the entire show. Her bliss was almost tangible as the crowd swayed with her to the music.


Charismatic is an understatement for this performance. Each lyric was carried out with passion that echoed throughout the venue, and each song was more surprising than the previous. The crowd just couldn’t stay still while listening to the beats. Talk about vibes!


Dev seemed just as excited to be featured at the Fillmore — speaking about Negro Swan, he told the crowd, “This is the best jawn you’re gonna hear it at.” And it sure sounded great.


xx Nicole


All photos by Jen Green

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