Philly has a crush on Dream Wife

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Dream Wife slayed Johnny Brenda’s and Meg Bucci was there to capture it in words & images.

Dream Wife you are an insane power trio and we are in love!!!!!

Dream Wife kicked off their first ever headlining tour at Philly’s own Johnny Brenda’s! London-based pop punk gals, Dream Wife, graced the Johnny Brenda’s stage promoting their self-titled album that was released earlier this year. Let me start off by saying, it’s been months since I’ve been to a truly head banging show that left my ears ringing. Dream Wife’s performance was infectious. Riling the crowd up with some of the most certifiably and insanely good guitar riffs, Dream Wife’s energy on stage is comparable to that of Diarrhea Planet. And Diarrhea Planet has five guitarists!

The electric and explosive stage chemistry between Rakel Mjoll (vocals), Alice Go (guitar), and Bella Podpadec (bass) was amplified playing songs like “Fire” and “Somebody”. The trio’s sound is big, and the albums lyrics are wildly catchy. Reflecting intensity similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and splashes of glam akeen to that of David Bowie, I caught myself lowering my camera in awe of these three women.

Dive into this power trio heads first folks. You will not regret it. Dream Wife has a couple of dates left in their U.S. venture and then they’re heading back to Europe for the remainder of the tour. Check out the rest of Dream Wife’s tour dates and get your tickets here!

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xx Meg

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