in their own words xx: an interview with The Wombats

In the past year, I have interviewed some incredible bands. There is nothing better than learning about the great people who make the music you adore. When I heard The Wombats were coming to Philly I lost my mind. It would be my second time seeing them this year after seeing them in play in NY over the summer. I love and listen to a ton of music, but The Wombats are one of my favorite bands of all time. Their albums are filled with fun songs to sing and dance to, which makes their live shows even more incredible. Everyone in the crowd was singing at the top of their lungs, dancing, and with the energy the band gave while performing their epic music it was impossible not to. I make all of my friends listen to them and now they are fans too. I know how huge The Wombats are everywhere else, so I never take for granted the amazing opportunity to see them at small venues. When I found out they were playing Johnny Brenda’s, one of my favorite bars/venues near my house, I was ecstatic! I’ve talked to many people I look up to or admire, but I was so nervous to meet the guys. I honestly thought I would make a fool out of myself and lose my cool. But they were so awesome and nice, and to my surprise I didn’t pass out or forget how to form words so all went well! Check out the interview below and gig photos from the show here. The Wombats are on tour in the UK with another favorite, Viva Brother supporting so make sure you check them out in a city near you!


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