myweekendinsound xx: NYC + Wreaking Havoc + Brunch + Arctic Monkeys + Laura Marling

This weekend I came to New York City to visit one of my best friends, Brittany who lives in Brooklyn and to see my girl Laura Marling play at a hotel tonight. Saturday was spent going to brunch, thrifting two amazing vintage purses, pre-game dancing to Arctic Monkeys, pre-game drinking Grey Goose and Iced Tea, then going to see my friend Natalie‘s friends’ band Swear & Shake play at The Living Room. After the show, we really wanted to go out dancing, something I do in Philly all the time. There are so many dancing opportunities at so many bars in Philly, featuring all different kinds of music, every night. I thought NYC would be the same only times 10. I was very, very wrong. NYC might as well be the equivalent of that crazy town in Footloose where dancing is illegal. NO ONE was dancing. We went to about 5 places (and I have the stamps to prove it) were people were literally sitting, drinking, and looking bored. It wasn’t until we went to a bar called Home Sweet Home that we started having a really good time. They were playing all my favorite classic bands, including The Cure. It was like a breath of fresh air in the barren no-dance land that is NYC. What did I learn this weekend? NYC is great for thrifting (see purse below), Brittany (who bought me an amazing cassette tape necklace for Christmas and got mylifeinsound engraved on the back), shows, and brunch. Also, NYC hates dancing. I can’t wait to see Laura Marling tonight with my girl Dylana, Laura is one of my favorite musicians ever, she is absolutely brilliant. Next time I come to NY for any shows, Britt and I decided that we are just going to keep our own dance party (to Arctic Monkeys) going all night and call it a day. Check out the music video for the song we’ve had pretty much on repeat all weekend, “Evil Twin” by Arctic Monkeys, and some photos from this weekend!

Stamp proof of our attempts to dance different places in NY:

The purse I thrifted for $7, paired with my vintage dress and favorite faux-fur coat:

My incredible cassette tape necklace from Britt!

The engraving on the back of the necklace!

Awesome robot I found in my travels:

Brittany has two extremely awesome/embarrassing videos of me dancing to this song, one being from last night before we went out. We both love it so much:

Hope you all had a great weekend! Can’t wait to see this live tonight:


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