obsessed xx: Sulk “Back In Bloom”

I have been really sentimental for the 90s lately. Clothing, movies, music, music videos, it was a great time for me and my friends because it was our time. Where my biggest worry was making sure I caught the top 40 countdown on VH1, every pop-up video, and Making The Video on MTV. A time where it was all music, all the time on VH1 and MTV. I laugh about how young I was and how my family used to ask me what every song on the radio was called, and who it was by, and even if I didn’t like it I knew the name, album title, song, most likely who directed the music video, etc. Even as much as I pay attention to music now I feel like I was able to be totally engrossed in it then. No jobs to worry about, just the traditional case of homework that I would do after wreaking havoc around the neighborhood with friends after school. This weekend, my friends and I were all discussing how much we miss the 90s and decided that we are throwing a 90s party at my house soon, with a sick 90s playlist and costumes that emulate the best grunge, and of course, the Clueless era. Any time I hear a band now that even remotely reminds me of the 90s I get so stoked on life.

With that being said, my heart has not stopped doing cartwheels ever since I heard this song. This song makes me feel even more nostalgic for the 90s, but makes me so happy to be living today right now since music like this still exists. I seriously wish this song could be playing wherever I go, I love it so much. I make fun of my friend Dylana for playing one song that she is into at the moment on repeat all day (which she basically does with a new song every day), but now I’ve been bitten because that is exactly what I have been doing with this song all day. Even the music video for this song is perfect. I can’t wait to check out more of their music, but I am going to have to wait until I’m done replaying this one about 500 more times. Thank goddess, you can buy this song now here.


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