lovelovelove: today is mylifeinsound’s one year anniversary!!!

I started this blog one year ago today and I can’t believe the year I’ve had. I’ve been to so many shows, took thousands of pictures, wreaked havoc at SXSW and just discovered so many incredible artists and albums I adore. I wrote in my first post that I started this blog in order to help other people find music they love too. Even if over this past year you found just one song or band that moves you out of all of my posts I’d be so happy. I am so stoked when I hear that someone discovered their new favorite song or band on here and I hope you continue to do so. Last night my friends and I had a wine and cheese record sorting party where we at a lot of cheese, drank a lot of wine, and went through all my records and made sure they were in the right sleeves. It turned into an epic dance party, and I definitely want to do it again soon. Today was such a great day! I finally got internet at my house, which is crazy since I’ve been blogging on the internet for the past year. To celebrate we went to the place where I usually blog every weekend, my favorite cafe/record store Milkcrate. Milkcrate is also where we filmed the first acoustic around town session with Former Belle! My best friend Brittany from NY was in town so I took her and Dylana on a record store tour around South Street in Philly. We are finally home now and my very good friend and video connoisseur Kristina is here and she is going to film the havoc we are about to wreak around Philly tonight (after we get Indian food at my favorite place, Ekta). We are going to Making Time a three floor epic dance party a with midnight performance by Spank Rock!! I have a soft spot for Spank Rock since he is in Mark Ronson’s incredible supergroup Mark Ronson and the Business Intl. which is one of my favorite records to listen to when getting ready to out (which is definitely happening tonight!). I thought I would end this post with my one of my favorite Mark Ronson and the Business Intl. tracks featuring Spank Rock and by playing the first song I ever posted on mylifeinsound “This Orient” by Foals, enjoy!


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