lovelovelove: Bear Cavalry “Maple Trails EP”

Last week, I went to the SoundCloud of the band Bear Cavalry. I’ve listen to their EP Maple Trails every day since when I first get to work. I absolutely love it! The first track Roman Summer seriously gets me pumped to conquer the day. The guitars in the EP’s final track “Dragon’s Milk Pt II” are absolutely sick. The song itself takes on so many different forms it could be 4 different great songs, but instead, it flows together so well, it makes that one song so much more epic. I could seriously listen to it for days. Throughout the EP you can tell that the boys in this band are not only talented, but have fun with the music they make and that is really refreshing. Maple Trails is out now on Hot Wax Records and you can listen to the entire EP below. If you like it, make sure you support the band by buying the EP through iTunes, Rough Trade or Banquet Records!


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