obsessed xx: The Shins “Simple Song”

This year, there seems to have been announcement after announcement of my previously “on-hiatus” bands getting back together/releasing new albums: The Killers, Bloc Party, The Shins… If that excitement wasn’t enough, when I heard The Shins new single “Simple Song” my heart melted and my mind immediately rushed back to when I first heard The Shins, an obvious love-at-first-listen. James Mercer is an incredible songwriter. His lyrics are always so heartfelt and beautiful, and this song is just further proof of that. The new album from The Shins, Port Of Morrow will release on March 20th, and simple song is available now for download! The Shins also are also apart of the incredible Coachella lineup for all you lucky festival goers! Make sure you check them out live.


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