my baby is so in love with herself and now I’m in love with her too / obsessed xx: Devin “Masochist”

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Why when I visit NY, specifically Brooklyn, do I never run into THIS. Good goddess what a dreamy, talented man. I love his 1950s greaser style and gritty, harsh, sexy vocals backed by danceable pure rock and roll instrumentals. Devin‘s new single “Masochist” is out on No Evil and Frenchkiss (don’t tempt me) records on April 23rd. I have to say I am more excited for his debut album, Romancing, which comes out next Tuesday, April 10th. Devin can romance me any day, but until then I will let his album do the talking. Check out his video for “Masochist” and another favorite from him “You’re Mine” below:

Devin, be my boyfriend? Thankssssss

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