lovelovelove: Yeasayer are back!!!!!! “Fragrant World” out August 21st!!!

REJOICE!!!! Yeasayer is back, and girl they aren’t messing around. First, they saved the day by stepping in when Passion Pit peaced out on Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. When they walked on stage to a giant crowd, lead singer Chris Keating gave an apology, “Sorry we’re not Passion Pit” as the band burst into song. Well, Chris, sorry I’m not sorry! Yeasayer fucking tore Firefly up with endless dancing and weird fun, and their new album Fragrant World is going to follow suit.

Fragrant World is all you could ask for from the band: a super weird, fun, enchanting record a bit darker than you would expect. The record starts with one of my favorite tracks “Blue Paper”. The perfect opening track, “Blue Paper” is captivating, a bit sassy, and impossible to get out of your head. Though on the slower side, it has it’s moments where you realize that you are dancing pretty hard in a public place while listening. The track leaves you completely pumped to hear what the band has in store for you the rest of the album, and don’t worry you’ll like what is to come as well. The following track “Damaged Goods” is dark, gritty, upbeat, danceable while maintaining a hauntingly beautiful, layered sound. Another stand out track for me is the first single off the album, “Henrietta”. The track has a super cool and tough attitude about it that is entrancing, before transitioning into an anthemic instrumental with the crooning repetitious vocals promising, “Oh Henrietta, we will live on forever”. It’s enough for any girl to get weak in the knees (and pretend her name is Henrietta).

Yeasayer is also one of my favorite bands to see live. I was lucky enough to see them again at Firefly Music Festival, but if you haven’t seen them yet, you can watch their full show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in NYC this week below (and pretend you were there):

Yeasayer’s Fragrant World comes out through Secretly Canadian next week, August 21st, and you can get your copy by pre-ordering through the band, Itunes, Secretly Canadian US, or worldwide here. Of course, you can also purchase it by going to your local record store on the 21st!

xx Cheryl

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