myweekendinsound xx: Incubus, Viva Viva, Black Bananas and The Kills !!!!

Best weekend ever? This one definitely makes the list. Friday night I volunteered at the Honda Civic Tour show featuring Incubus and Linkin Park with Headcount, non-profit that gets music fans to register to vote. Usually we watch the show from the lawn area after volunteering at that venue, but Reverb surprised us with pit passes! I almost passed out. It was my 10th time seeing Incubus and I thought, would be also the farthest away I’ve ever seen them. When I got into the pit I danced my way to the second row right in front of Ben Kenney and experienced one of the best performances and set lists from the band so far. They really tore it up! I was in heaven. I had such a good time singing (screaming) all the words and dancing my heart out I could barely walk back to my car after. My 10 show anniversary with them was brilliant! Saturday I woke up early to journey to NY for the Converse City Carnage show featuring Viva Viva, Black Bananas and The Kills. I was so stoked to represent Volcom Girls there and see two of my favorite bands, Black Bananas and The Kills, while gaining a new favorite band, Viva Viva. All three bands rocked so hard and were incredible live. Jennifer Herrema and Alison Mosshart are absolute rock goddesses and I look up to them so much, I was floored with the opportunity to see them back to back. I will tell you more in detail via Volcom Girls, but to hold you over for now check out some Instagram pics I took over the weekend. Follow me on Instagram @mylifeinsound! I hope you all had a rocking weekend as well!!

This video is from the show I was at Friday night, so glad I found this! Cheers to whoever filmed it!

xx Cheryl

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