obsessed xx: Everything Everything are back!!! New epic single “Cough Cough”!!!

Yeah, so, umm, WAIT A SECOND!!!! Everything Everything are finally back after what feels like two long years of me Facebook/twitter begging them to come back on tour in the US specifically to Philadelphia….wait it has been two long years of that. One of my favorite bands ever have released a new single “Cough Cough” that is hard to describe besides: badass, epic and absolutely brilliant! Luckily that have also released an equally incredible music video for us to listen to the track over and over until it releases on October 14th. Be still my heart, Everything Everything! This is everything I hoped and dreamed of for your return!! I absolutely cannot wait for the new album which drops January 14th, and hopefully some touring in the US *coughcough* Philadelphia? Too soon?

Love you always,

xx Cher

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