obsessed xx: DIIV “How Long Have You Known?”

You might not believe it, or maybe your heart can’t take it, but yet another dreamy band from New York has surfaced and they are called DIIV, pronounced “dive” not “div”.

DIIV’s debut album Oshin is out now through Captured Tracks and if the rest of the record is anywhere near as glorious and heart-melting as this track, “How Long Have You Known?”, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!! Being that they are from NY, I am ashamed that I haven’t made it to any of their shows yet, but lucky for me they are on tour and playing in Philadelphia with Wild Nothing and Blonds on Monday, September 24th at Union Transfer!! DIIV are playing Germany, Denmark and Sweden this week alone, so go see them live if they are playing near you. In September, they are coming back to the US to play some shows in the US and Canada so make sure you check out the dates and track them on Songkick (if you are like me and treat your Songkick as your planner). I can’t wait to get this record, hear more from the band, and see them live!! aaaaaand you can bet I will be playing “How Long Have You Known?” on repeat all day today.

Love you forever,

xx Cheryl

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