obsessed xx: Stream the new album “Coexist” from The XX now!!!!

THE BEST NEWS!!!!! We are now able to stream the absolutely breathtaking new album Coexist from The XX here, and hear a brilliant documentary on the making of the album here (available to listen back online for the next 6 days, hurry!). One of my favorite parts of the documentary has to be how Romy Madley Croft came up with the title and the beautiful cover of the album, as well as stories from other artists and how they are influenced band’s unique sound and approach. The documentary included an incredible quote from Jessie Ware “[The XX] paved the way for me to be able to realize that I could sing softly and still be heard”. The documentary had way too many epic quotes from The XX to write out here so make sure you listen.

I love learning more about my favorite bands and how they go about making the music I adore. Listening to the documentary before the new album put me in the perfect mindset to take it all in. Coexist is absolutely perfect and as gorgeous as I could have hoped and dreamed. But don’t listen to me, listen for yourself! Be sure to pick up your copy of the 37 minutes and 33 seconds of pure heaven that is Coexist by The XX on September 11th.

xx Cheryl

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