obsessed xx: Atoms For Peace new track “Default”!!!! Be. Still. My. HEART.

Trying to refrain from squealing like a school girl, the world received an absolute gift today: “Default” the new track from Atoms For Peace Thom Yorke’s supergroup with Nigel Godrich and Flea. As you may have guessed, my ears are straight up crying tears of joy it’s so damn beautiful. Thom Yorke is definitely a divine being in music that can do absolutely no wrong. His music has an intriguing magic that wreaks intelligence, importance, absolute brilliance, and inspiration. I always get into a sweet groove when listening to Atoms For Peace, and seeing them live in NY a couple of years ago is one of my dearest memories. “Default” is available to download now through XL Recordings, so you can join me in finding your happy place with “Default” on repeat as the soundtrack. The track has an official release date set for September 10th. The new album will follow soon, happy birthday to us alllll!!!!!!

xx Cheryl

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