Epic Music Video xx: Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch “Sweet Nothing”

An epic new music video has been released for the collab track with Calvin Harris and Florence Welch called “Sweet Nothing”. In the incredible video directed by Vincent Haycock, Florence Welch plays a club singer whose abusive ex-boyfriend, played by actor Leo Gregory from one of my favorite films (among many others), Green Street Hooligans, gets beat up by a bunch of men paid off by Calvin Harris’ character in the video. Welch’s character takes the stage in the gentleman’s club as a singer in a full suit who strips down and sings more passionately as the song goes on. As she flails around stage singing in perfect time to the haunting scenes of violence from her ex-boyfriend getting beat up to him abusing her along to the epic nature of the builds in the track are stunning. The heart-pounding flashes throughout the video are so captivating you forget you are only watching a music video. The gorgeous track will be released on October 14th and you can pre-order the track now here!

xx Cheryl

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