lovelovelove: New track and video from Keaton Henson, “Kronos”!!!

Usual acoustic-crooner-dream Keaton Henson has released a new track that absolutely rocks and will definitely wake you up a little (if you press play thinking it will be soft, slow, and hauntingly beautiful as his other tracks you fell in love with… see “you don’t know how lucky you are” and “Charon“). Instead, this new track is exactly that… new! It shows different side of Henson, a harder, more rock-influenced side, that I have to say, is just as attractive and incredible as his slow jams we all know and love. You can’t knock an artist for doing what is right for them, so if you want to complain it doesn’t sound the same as his other tracks, go listen to someone else who writes the same song over and over. I love this track and this new sound from him! I can’t wait to hear this harder side to his music, along with his softer side, on what will be a truly captivating album. This track will be on Keaton Henson’s new EP Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us? out November 5th. You go, Glen CoCo Keaton Henson!

xx Cheryl

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