obsessed xx: NZCA/Lines new track “Airlock”!!!

*SIGH*. I know from reading my blog posts you may think, this girl has a crush on every boy who plays music.

That is simply not true, though there are many love, some stand out against the others, and Michael Lovett aka NZCA/Lines is one of those truly admirable men.

It was love at first listen with his music, and that love has only grown stronger with each release of a new song or demo. His self-titled debut album is an absolute dream and is out now. If you don’t already have the album, make sure you get it at your local record store, I cannot recommend it enough!

NZCA/Lines’ new single “Airlock” is a track off his forthcoming album due out sometime in 2013, and the track will be available for purchase on October 22nd. Until then feel free to chill on this page all you like and keep pressing play on the video, no one here is judging you (and I’ve been doing that for the past 20 minutes).

xx Cher

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