lovelovelove: Rudimental ft. Angel Haze “Hell Could Freeze”


Woah….where have I been? This month has been insane, with work, play, and setting up for the holidays, the last place I have been is in front of computer. I haven’t slept much but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I had some excellent times with friends and luckily with the break the holidays provide, with family. Who, for living not that far from, I hardly get to see due to my insane schedule. After an incredible Christmas I have my passport and luggage sitting by the door, ready to go to England. I am meeting one of my best friends studying there in the airport, and though we don’t really have any plans, I am so stoked to wreak havoc in one of my favorite places in the world. Of course, it seems that all my favorite UK artists have taken off as well during my time there, so I’m not even sure I am going to see any shows, but I am really excited to go with no plans, so that everything that happens is a fun surprise. I am also really excited to not have a phone or much access to computers, I feel way too many of us use our phones now as a crutch, where going out with friends turns into an instagramathon and is less about being actually present with friends. I am excited to see old friends and meet new people, and here’s hoping that I don’t hit on any legal 18 year olds at the pubs, since here, we are used to (mostly) everyone being at least 21+.

Here is a song I have been obsessed with since it came out. Rudimental ft. Angel Haze, “Hell Could Freeze”. I love the fire Angel Haze brings with every track, and Rudimental has always been a favorite of mine. You can download the track for free by joining Rudimental’s email list here. I am so stoked to get to be in a place for the next 10 days where so much of my favorite music has been brought to life. I hope everyone has had an incredible holiday and I hope you have an even better New Year!!

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