obsessed xx: Rudimental “Waiting All Night” Music Video + Made in America Festival & UK Dates!!!

Rudiemental Cher Dunn SXSW 1

People are still asking me how SXSW was, and I can only really describe it as my personal heaven. Music literally everywhere all day and night. I got the opportunity to see some of my favorite artists I’ve never seen before, including one of my new absolute favorites, Rudimental.

I’ve heard Rudimental’s music before, and every track I heard I thought to myself “Wow, I really really like this”. But when I went to see them at SXSW I had no idea what I was in for. My friends all had other shows they wanted to see, so I said goodbye to them and stayed at Fader Fort for Rudimental. The next thing I knew, I was showered in incredible dance music and absolute positivity. Their instrumentals, vocals and lyrics just radiate hope. In this giant crowd of people I didn’t know, I was dancing, smiling, and got the chills as everyone around me sang back “I know you said it’s true I can feel the love can you feel it too? I can feel it all” during “Feel The Love” ft. John Newman, sung live by the gorgeous Thomas Jules. Another track that had me beaming during their set was “Waiting All Night” ft. (and sung live by) the beautiful Ella Eyre.

Rudimental - Cher Dunn - SXSW 2

Ella Eyre’s voice is powerful enough on it’s own, but she sings with such passion and conviction, and just gives it her all on stage, I was a bit taken aback by how moved I was by hearing the song live. When I came back to my normal (non-SXSW) life, I was so excited to see that Rudimental released a new music video for the track, “Waiting All Night” featuring Ella Eyre. The video, which features all real clips of San Francisco born BMX Champion and Actor Kurt Yaeger, who, after an accident in 2006, became an amputee. The video, like their music and live set, is so beautiful and inspiring.

I was also ecstatic to find out that Rudimental is also coming to Philly for Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival August 31st and September 1st!! The festival was so much fun last year and if you didn’t get a chance to go, this is the year to do so…and make sure Rudimental is on your list of bands not to miss! Rudimental also have a UK tour coming up in October, dates below!

Made In America Lineup


Rudimental by Cher Dunn

Rudimental by Cher Dunn

Rudimental by Cher Dunn

Rudimental by Cher Dunn

Rudimental by Cher Dunn

Rudimental by Cher Dunn

xx Cher

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