morning jam xx: Pølterghøst “Holy Smoke”


Holy smoke! It’s a great song from Pølterghøst that I want to be on repeat all day!

“Holy Smoke” by Pølterghøst is another track I have on heavy rotation as of late…I may or may not be responsible for 1,000+ of their 3,000+ listens on SoundCloud. The bass and guitars in the song are absolutely sick, and you know I am a sucker for the lyrics.. I definitely need to hear more from Pølterghøst, and soon. I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite bands I’ve stumbled upon this year. This is currently the only song on their SoundCloud, and I will post more as soon as that changes!


xx Cher

2 thoughts on “morning jam xx: Pølterghøst “Holy Smoke”

  1. Oh my gosh thankyou thankyou, heard this song today and have been searching everywhere to find out what it was… had pretty much given up hope when I found this 😀

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