morning jam xx: Apes “Helluva Time”


Open up this can of cold, fresh, rock n roll this morning!

Australian rockers Apes have released a new music video for “Helluva Time” their no-nonsense rough, addicting rock follow-up to their brilliant single and Kill Bill style video for “Seven”.

“Helluva Time” is filled with drums that get the party started, lyrics you have to shout along to, and guitars that course through your veins until you get your body moving. This track is the soundtrack to a good night out wreaking havoc with your friends…just hopefully not the havoc wreaked in this video (he has a great shirt, but that guy is clearly a psycho).

Watch both videos below, and if you haven’t seen it before (or want to watch them in order) start with “Seven”!

xx Cher

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