morning jam xx: Vic Mensa “Orange Soda”

Vic Mensa

Who loves orange soda?? Kel loves orange soda, and so do I.

In fact, I love everything about this track. Everything. I love the beat, the super chill and soothing vocals, and the absolutely sick rap. This song is pure hip-hop with a perfect mixture of funk and soul. “Orange Soda” is Vic Mensa’s second release from INNANETAPE due out later this summer. You can download “Orange Soda” right now for free on Vic Mensa’s SoundCloud here!

Now let’s talk about the music video…what’s not to love?! The ode to Kenan & Kel in the beginning of the video, the dude in the orange suit in the video, the hot hippie moustache on the stairs in the video, hell…everything about the video. It makes me want to move to Chicago stat, and drink some orange soda.

xx Cher

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