lovelovelove xx: Capital Cities “Kangaroo Court” new music video!!!


The charming/perfect/beautiful Darren Criss plays a villain dog in this bizarre animal-human filled story about the importance of acceptance. The new music video for Capital Cities single “Kangaroo Court” follows a Zebra who just wants to be let into the party, so he changes who he is to fit in and ultimately meets an untimely fate. Poor zebra, what a waste of a great dancer!

“Kangaroo Court” is from Capital Cities debut album In A Tidal Wave of Mystery, which I highly suggest you buy now if you don’t own a copy already.

Capital Cities will be touring with Fitz and the Tantrums which means one thing: a major dance party will be taking place in a city near you! The tour will be heading to Philadelphia on November 1st at the Electric Factory! Get tickets here. For tickets, dates and more information of when Capital Cities are coming to your town, click here!

xx Cher

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