obsessed xx: Arctic Monkeys “R U Mine?” Live from Philly Matt Helders GoPro head cam footage!!!!


Okay, for Arctic Monkeys Philly fans last night was epic in so many ways. It wasn’t just statements from Alex Turner over the course of the night like “I was jamming so hard my whammy fell out, what’s your excuse?”, the energy of the band and crowd, the perfect set list…

No, the highlight of the evening had to be when Alex Turner called out a dude in the audience wearing a GoPro and asked him to throw it to him, to give to Matt Helders to wear during their final song of the encore “R U Mine?”. That blessed fan was Jason Restich who thankfully put it online right away.

Also, epic catch by Alex Turner!

Watch it now the show from Matt Helders view for 5 minutes now:

Every fans dream!

xx Cher

xx Cher

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