Philly show NOT to be missed: Cate Le Bon and Warpaint TONIGHT at Union Transfer!!!!!



It’s like Christmas season for live music, all my favorite bands are touring and stopping in Philly after a week of debauchery and endless live music at SXSW. No time to recover, here we go… incredible live music every night in Philly continues with Cate Le Bon and Warpaint tonight at Union Transfer. I don’t know how but there are still some tickets left so get yours here or at the door tonight!

I could not be more excited to interview Cate Le Bon and see her live tonight opening for Warpaint. Her most recent album Mug Museum dropped last year and has been on a pretty heavy rotation for me lately. I admire her storytelling ability through her songs and the intricate, dark yet fun instrumentation of each track. The record sounds like it was made for vinyl and a gem from your parents’ collection from the 60s. I am stoked to see her execute this and her other albums live and check out her band. She goes on at exactly 8:30PM tonight so don’t be late!


I will never get over how awesome it is to get a chance to talk to some of my favorite bands and musicians, finding out what and who inspires them and their music-whether I am interviewing them for this blog, other blogs, or cornering them on the street at SXSW. It’s even better to find out that your favorite bands love the same bands you do. When talking to Jagwar Ma for Waster at SXSW, they told me one of the shows they were most stoked to see was Warpaint the night before. Warpaint have been one of my favorite bands for a while and I am beaming that they are back and playing in Philly tonight.

Warpaint’s new self-titled record is an absolute masterpiece. The songwriting, vocals, instrumentals and production are completely on point. It’s a record to get lost in and listen on repeat. The band is also one of my favorites to see live, I saw them last at Austin Psych Fest last year and they are completely mesmerizing. They are each a powerhouse when they are playing and so animated you don’t know who to look at more. You want to watch all of them as they completely own the stage. As a major fan of their debut album and their newest album, tonight is going to be brilliant, seeing songs from both albums performed live.

Cate Le Bon and Warpaint are at Union Transfer tonight, doors are at 8PM and Cate le Bon goes on at exactly 8:30PM, seriously don’t be late! Tickets are only $18 and you can get them here or at the door!








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