First Listen: Anthony Viscounte ‘What A Day’ EP!!!!

Anthony Viscounte FRONT TPW-00007671

Anthony Viscounte is a songwriter and composer from Philadelphia, PA. Trained at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, he recently authored five textbooks for Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music, where over 150 of his original songs and compositions were published. With four stylistically-diverse albums to his name, What A Day is his debut EP as a solo artist.

Anthony recorded the EP in Los Angeles, CA to record with renowned producer and his longtime collaborator Garrett Eaton. They spent hundreds of hours in the studio, then sent the tracks to different cities across the US for overdubs by some of Anthony’s favorite people and musicians in the world.

The EP is a positive and upbeat collection inspired musically by Anthony’s favorite songwriters of the 70’s, the likes of Carole King, James Taylor, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, and Cat Stevens.

The album is available worldwide on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and his website. Listen to the EP below now!

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