Father John Misty “Ballad Of The Dying Man” & “Two Wildly Different Perspectives”- Prepare to be moved


If you haven’t previously been moved by the music of Father John Misty and would like to continue that streak- LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW. *Spoiler Alert* You’re about to be moved.

Father John Misty just released two tracks off his forthcoming album, Pure Comedy, that are an all-to-perfect soundtrack to the crazy world we’re living in right now… like a bad dream, or a really good episode of Mr. Robot.

The songs off of his upcoming album feature lyrics that really hit close to home. Father John Misty offers an unbiased and true narration of the world right now with lyrics including, “Either way we make some space in the hell that we create / on both sides”. As well as the lyrics “One side says / kill ’em all / the other says line those killers up against the wall/ either way somebody sheds/ thanks to our cooperation/ on both sides”, both quoted from his new track ‘Two Wildly Different Perspectives’. His other new single from the album, the darkly comedic piece ‘Ballad Of A Dying Man’ offers lyrics of the same dystopian narrative in an internet-obsessive age: “The world made in his image/ as of yet to realize/ what a mess to leave behind”. These previews from the new album, along with politically-charged film, videos and title track, will have you pre-ordering the album here… whether you’re an OG fan or recently-moved new one.

Father John Misty has already been announced to play Coachella, but so far no other shows have been announced. Keep up with FJM tour information follow him on Songkick here!






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