Post Animal: Flowing locks and a whole lot of Rock! Philly Photo Recap from The Foundry show!!

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Flowing locks and a whole lot of rock. Keep it coming Post Animal, we want more.

Alright rock fans, let’s talk about Post Animal. Coming to us by way of the Windy City, these dudes create rock grooves that will leave your feet moving for days. Let’s get this mini bit of trivia out of the way first. The band is typically a 6-piece band with one member being Joe Kerry, a.k.a. Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. Yes, if you didn’t know already, Joe is also in a band which probably causes women to swoon even more over him. Second, no, Joe Kerry was not present at the concert at the Foundry but nevertheless the rock show clearly went on.

This was my first time seeing Post Animal live. After following the dudes for about a year now it was all too easy falling in love with their flowing locks of hair, synth rock melodies, insane guitar solos, and harmonizing vocals. Yes, all members of the band have their hands, or voices I guess, in singing too. Now, let’s break down the members, excluding Joe Kerry who was likely busy slaying demagorgans versus shredding on the guitar, so you can all understand how talented this group is.

Dalton Allison plays bass, Jake Hirschland plays guitar and keys, Javi Reyes and Matt Williams also play guitar, and Wes Toledo is on the drums.  Like all great bands, one that comes to mind for me comparably is Diarrhea Planet, one guitarist is never enough. Now that we’ve got that breakdown defined, take a listen to the 2017 release of the single Special Moment which also made it onto the setlist at the Foundry. The high-pitched vocals of all members but especially, Dalton Allison, the continuous ticking percussion beats compliments of Wes Toledo, and around two minutes into the song comes the grungy guitar shredding from Jake, Javi and Matt. The perfect recipe for making your ears bleed. What more could you ask for? Fans at the Foundry soaked in the rock n roll atmosphere, banging their heads and working their way as close to the amps as possible.

Other songs to note from that night include, When I Get Home, off of their sophomore album The Garden Series (2016), Alabaster and Goggles off of their first album Perform the Most Curious Water Activities (2015). Check out this Sofar Chicago video of When I Get Home. 

Seriously guys, the vocal harmonies, looping synth sounds, and intertwined guitar shredding is a wave of energy lifting you above whatever is keeping you grounded on the Earth, aside from gravity of course. So go take a walk, plug these dudes into your ears, look up at the sky and smile cause music is powerful. These dudes are going places, with or without Joe Kerry. Please come back to Philly soon, Post Animal, we have so many more rad venues that you all would absolutely tear apart.


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