Lights. Percussion. Square Peg Round Hole. Philly Show Recap at Johnny Brenda’s!


Lights. Percussion. Square Peg Round Hole.

One of my favorite things about Philly is the music hub that the city has become and how they consistently cultivate this collaborative environment where some amazing artists arise. One of those artists, Square Peg Round Hole. I discovered Square Peg Round Hole in 2015, just over a year after their first album, Corners, was released. These guys are AMAZING instrumentalists whose percussion-driven music is relaxing and piercing all while keeping a beat. Comprised of Evan Chapman, Sean Gill and Carolos Pacheco-Perez, these guys create music that touches all sorts of genres from rock, ambient, contemporary, electronic and even some classical. What did they bring to Johnny Brenda’s this time around though? Lights, yes lights.

Playing a plethora of songs off of their discography most notably and a favorite of mine, “Culturalist” off of their 2013 album Corners as well as “Momentary Light” off of their 2016 album, Juniper. The guys also through a few new songs out to the crowd as well off their most recent EP, Five Years, that was released in 2017.

Philly is already a well-equipped city for talented artists to stroll through during their East Coast swing of tours but when venues host local Philly acts you can feel a difference in the atmosphere of the crowd. A feeling of a loyalty and sense of pride especially towards Square Peg Round Hole’s performance. The crowd was captivated the moment all three members started banging on the drums. Drums that then triggered at precise beats, light bulbs around the stage to illuminate. Quite the entrancing performance in my opinion, I don’t think a single patron of Johnny Brenda’s present that night would disagree.

If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, check them out! They make Mondays feel less like Mondays, dreary days somewhat find light, make your work day crawl by a little less painfully, I’ll stop myself from continuing on. Just listen to Square Peg Round Hole. They’ve been looping in my ears 24/7.



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