Photo Diary: Minus The Bear ‘Planet of Ice’ 10th Anniversary tour in Philly!

Jen Green caught Minus The Bear’s epic ‘Planet of Ice’ 10th Anniversary tour last month in Philly


Minus the Bear continued their Planet of Ice 10th anniversary tour in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory last month. With a packed house and a beautiful stage set up featuring the album artwork as a backdrop, the band was ready to show off their new music with a lengthy set!

Ominous smoke filled the venue and set the stage for Minus the Bar to play. The tour was accordingly named since the band played the entire Planet of Ice record in its entirety before breaking into their older works. The band fired off song after song with only a quick break for lead singer, Jake Snider to joke, “Just doing the record. Song by song.”

There is something special about hearing an album fully, the way it was written. There was a storytelling magic in the air as the audience followed the journey of the album. The band was so caught up in the music they didn’t even need to talk to the crowd until at least an hour in. The band-fan interaction was still there and words weren’t needed.

The crowd loved every bit of it and the highlight was the switch from keyboard to saxophone to change up the mood. Energy was high with fans dancing, clapping and interacting with the band.

Philadelphia is a special place for the band and the band summed it up best. In a heartfelt tone Snyder took a swig of beer and told the crowd, “Thank you so much everybody. We fuckin love this town, you’ve always treated us well.”


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xx Jen

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