Take Home The Darkness Live – ‘Live At Hammersmith’ out June 15th!

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The Darkness are the classic rock band of our generation. When The Darkness announced they were coming back to Philly, there was a buzz in the air about them being back. For me, The Darkness will always come with an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, but to see them live and experience their new music was like being transported back into time where 80s hair bands ruled and the live show was just as much about entertaining the fan as it was the music. To be honest, it was one of the best live shows I’ve been to in a while.

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The Darkness, throughout the years, have consistently released these instant classic songs with a vintage feel, and when they are brought to life via their live shows, you can’t help but dance, smile and laugh at how insanely energetic and life-giving their shows are. They are rocknroll in it’s truest form. Between their on-stage style, slaying instrumentals, boundless vocal range, hilarious lyrics, banter and energetic connection to the crowds, The Darkness shows are theatrical and to be experienced live.

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Justin Hawkins hangs from The Balcony of The Trocadero in Philly in a jumpsuit I need in my life. Photo: Meghan Bucci

Lead Singer Justin Hawkins even employs a body guard to carry him into the crowd on his shoulders while he brings his effortless guitar solos directly to the audience, from the audience.

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When fans first heard of this tour, there was a lot of excitement about The Darkness being back but really The Darkness aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Their lives shows, videos and the music they make are a work of art that any music fan can admire and appreciate. Experiencing their lives shows are transcendental- you can’t help but smile and get a dance workout while watching this band live to play and work hard to make sure everyone that comes to their shows leaves with ten times the amount of energy they came in with. If you missed this tour or want to relive it, the band just announced they will be releasing a live album from their show Live at Hammersmith out June 15th! You can pre-order your copy now here!



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