Hand Habits Mesmerize Fans at Sold Out Union Transfer show with Whitney!!!

Our writer and photographer Jen Green went to see the gorgeous Hand Habits show as they opened for Whitney at Union Transfer


Hand Habits storytelling set with lovely guitar work and new music encapsulated the packed Philadelphia crowd. 

“Thank you for being better than Pittsburgh,” leader singer Meg amusingly joked. “F**K Pittsburgh,” a fan shouted back! The fun and jest vibe continued throughout the whole night. 

Fans arrived early to catch the set actively listened to the show, with no phones in sight. People were there for the music and watched with no distractions. The audience was universally letting loose and the band thanked the crowd for being so wonderful. 

For a band with such incredibly talented members, Meg was modest and laughed saying “We have records and all that stuff too.” Fans showed up in droves at the merchandise stand after. 

On keyboards and guitar, Casey’s versatile, beautiful harmonies matched Meg’s voice. No crazy antics needed, it was all chill vibes grooves. 

The 45 minute set covered songs off the new album placeholder, while building in flexibility and creativity with the solos. Unique songwriting with a musical improvisational edge, defines Hand Habits. 

Meg later joined Whitney in stage to play an instrumental together for a nice surprise. The band jokes that the last time they played together on stage the drummer accidentally unplugged something and all the power went out. Thankfully, this go around things went smooth and steady. 

Hand Habits is 3 weeks into their tour with Whitney, with more to come. See upcoming shows and buy merchandise here




Check out Jen Green‘s gorgeous photos below:




xx Jen

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