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Show Recap: Gang Of Youths at World Cafe Live!

5 Jun



Gang of Youths are an Australia-based band of megababes (soon moving to London) that we just can’t get enough of right now. Our writer/photographer Sarah went to their World Cafe Live show last Friday for the first stop of the band’s American Tour.

After the successful release of the band’s debut album The Positions Gang of Youths head out on a 10 city tour across the US before heading back to Australia to tour and we couldn’t be more excited that Philly was their first stop. Playing World Cafe Live (upstairs) it was the perfect, intimate venue to see a band that performs at a stadium-worthy level. Blown away by their big sound and their signature brand of rock and roll, the crowd couldn’t help but be knocked out by their musically tight performance and raw energy. With hair flying and slaying riffs, the audience left the show ready to go on tour with the band just to experience the show again! Check out photos below and don’t miss Gang Of Youths on tour!



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All photos by Sarah Elizabeth Herbert

xx Sarah


Show Review: Tei Shi and Years & Years at Union Transfer!!

26 Sep
Don't miss Tei Shi and Years & Years on tour now!

Don’t miss Tei Shi and Years & Years on tour now!

Okay music fans, this is one tour you cannot miss. Every once in a while I find a band I really can’t help but tell everyone about. One of those bands for me is Years & Years. I was hooked after hearing their first single, and during a trip to England last year, I found out they were playing Dot to Dot Festival. My friend and I bought tickets to the Bristol stop. We had no idea what we were doing or how to get anywhere so we ended up missing them, then buying tickets to the festival next day in Nottingham. I saw them play in Nottingham and I could not wait for more people to hear their music and see them live. I especially could not wait for them to tour in the US.

Fast forward to this year, the band played their first show in the US in NYC, after a blizzard almost made them cancel. I brought as many friends as I could and everyone had an amazing time. Their music and performances are definitely something to experience live: the entire room is transformed into a massive dance party. I was so stoked to see them in two different cities but their was always something missing- my own. So when I heard Years & Years were playing Union Transfer with another one of my favorite artists Tei Shi, I was counting down the days.

Tei Shi mesmerized the crowd before Years & Years took the stage at Union Transfer.

Tei Shi mesmerized the crowd before Years & Years took the stage at Union Transfer.

Tei Shi, is a mesmerizing songstress from NYC. I saw her for the first time at Milkboy in Philadelphia and I swear she had everyone in a trance from the start and finish of her set. You could hear a pin drop while she effortlessly presented us with her soaring vocals in the mic. Not a body was left standing still as the crowd heard the perfect marriage of her voice and instrumentals. Opening for Years & Years couldn’t be a better fit, and you can see the surprise of the crowd at Union Transfer as soon as she started singing. Her vocals are effortless sand seem infinite. Mix that with epic beats and instrumentals, it was no wonder she truly got the party started before Years & Years took the stage.

A sold-out crowd at Union Transfer gladly helped Olly Alexander sing every word of the band's debut album 'Communion' out now.

A sold-out crowd at Union Transfer gladly helped Olly Alexander sing every word of the band’s debut album ‘Communion’ out now.

You could feel the buzz in the crowd as the crew changed the stage for Years & Years. The show was sold out and fans were packing in to be as close to the band as possible. The band walked out on stage to the roar of the crowd and the energy in the room mirrored the band’s energy on stage. Lead singer Olly Alexander couldn’t help but thank the crowd after each song from their debut album Communion was sung back to him at full volume. Between the enchanting stage presence of Olly Alexander and watching multi-instrumentalists Emre and Mikey build each epic dance instrumental through bass and synths you can’t take your eyes off the stage. The crowd got so lost in the show they were stunned when the band finished seemingly way too soon. But with only one album comes a shorter set, even with the addition of favorite covers including Blu Cantrell’s “Breathe”. Needless to say, Philly fans are already ready for a new album and for the band to come back to play again- especially me.

Check out Tei Shi and Years & Years on tour now in the US! For tickets and tour information click here.

Check out photos from the show below and remember to tag us in any of your favorite pics from the Tei Shi and Years & Years tour by tagging us in them @ mylifeinsound!

xx Cher

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