On Tour: Astronauts, Etc. at Johnny Brenda’s recap!

Astronauts Etc. By Meg Bucci


Astronauts, Etc, the solo project of Anthony Ferraro, put us in a mood at our fave philly venue Johnny Brenda’s the other week. Astronauts, Etc. gave concert goers a stripped-down performance where the lights were almost non-existent with the exception of a red haze setting the tone for the evening. Perhaps it was the humidity that triggered the dark lighting or maybe they were just setting the stage for sweet-sounding tunes that ensued. Either way, it was a #mood.

With songs like “The Border” and “Stray Observations,” Astronauts, Etc. the group gave concert goers a taste of mellow psychedelia with synthy guitar riffs and keys that sprinkled jazz all over the performance. Truthfully, at certain points of the performance, I couldn’t help but think the long solos were reminiscent of a sound Kamasi Washington would cultivate. Then there are songs like “Eye to Eye” and “No Justice” where the soft vocals and punchy guitar scales bring me back to seeing live performances of Phoenix. It’s apparent that Astronauts, Etc are witfully dynamic, flirting with those who have a listening ear to lend.

West coast people, Astronauts, Etc are still on tour with the Mattson 2. Remaining date below. Your ears will thank you.

September 17th @ The Turf Club, Saint Paul, MN

September 19th @ Lost Lake Lounge, Denver, CO

September 20th @ The State Room, Salt Lake City, UT

September 21st @ Neurolux, Noise, ID

September 22nd @ Jack London Revue, Portland, OR

September 23rd @ Wise Hall, Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 25th @ Barboza, Seattle, WA

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xx Meg

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