New Favorite Band: A Beacon School



I first heard NYC-based band A Beacon School when I found their song “It’s Late” and I immediately fell in love. I added it to our Sunset Skate Jams playlist on Spotify (an ever growing playlist of our favorite songs). I had that same mesmerizing feeling every time I heard it and I knew I had to really dive into this band. I am so glad I did- their new album Cola has solidified itself as one of my favorite albums. It’s an album where you say “that song is my favorite”… but after every single song until you realize the album is over. It’s unskipable, truly…that’s not even a word but it is now, that’s how good they are.

A Beacon School doesn’t have any upcoming shows listed right now but you better believe I will be the first to let you know when they go on tour to a city near you. Listen to their entire Cola album below and feel yourself immediately calm down and feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Seriously it’s like music therapy…and I’ve been in a repeat session for 3 hours now:



xx Cher

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