The Beaches: Blame My Ex Tour

The Beaches
 performing at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA on October 17, 2023.
Photos by Shannon Pepe

This was our first time having the pleasure of covering The Beaches, and boy did they not disappoint. This Canadian pop-rock band just recently released their new album “Blame My Ex” mid September and have kicked off their tour early October. Philadelphia was lucky enough to be one of the cities they hit.

The Beaches fit so perfectly together that it’s almost fate this band was born. With combinations of glamor and grunge, the band’s chemistry and the way they work a crowd is an absolute gift. Underground Arts was intimate enough for you to feel like you were a part of the show but still had enough room for you to dance along. You can just tell that the band is having the time of their lives up there, which makes you inclined to do the same.

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