obsessed xx: mycrazyamazingweekinsound and Disclosure in NYC tonight!!!!!

The past two weeks (months) have been an absolutely insane/beautiful/remarkable journey in sound for me. I got to see one of my favorite bands from my youth reunite; see one of my favorite bands ever from the UK, The Wombats, play in Philly again; go to NYC for a weekend of CMJ craziness, and I got meet one of my absolute heroes of music in Philly last night.

CMJ this weekend was incredible, and three of my favorites from the weekend were Tanlines at Le Bain, French Horn Rebellion (who really need to play my roller disco birthday party next year, those guys are a GOOD TIME) and Gemini Club, who all had me dancing and loving life. The weekend couldn’t be more perfect.

Yesterday, I saw that one of my heroes, Nile Rodgers, put a picture on Facebook that he was taking a train to Philly. Desperate not to miss him speak, I found an article that said he was speaking at Drexel that night and doing a book signing after. I was freaking out!! After reading his book in January, I felt like he changed my life for the better, his music and his story have made such a profound impact on me, and how I try to live my life everyday. Getting to see him perform some songs and talk to students about his life and journey in the music world was so moving, I felt so blessed that I got to see him, and even more so meet him after.

As if this week couldn’t get any better, I am heading to NYC to see two of my favorite UK producers that make up Disclosure with friends tonight! Check out some of my instagram photos from the past week, and my favorite Disclosure tracks I am hoping to hear later!

xx Cher

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