Hurricane Sandy go away! The Royal Concept, Atlas Genius, & Wolf Gang canceled, The XX postponed!!

It has been a sad couple of days for the East Coast, weather and concert-wise. Where I am in Philadelphia, we have been lucky enough to stay safe and dry, and as of now still have power, but Hurricane Sandy has definitely hit some of our friends in NYC and NJ hard. I hope everyone is staying safe!

The hurricane also scared some of our favorite musicians away as The Royal Concept, Atlas Genius and Wolf Gang show was canceled; and the long awaited return of The XX postponed.

It’s been two days stuck in doors, but with electricity still I’ve been lucky enough to watch some of my favorite movies, listen to some of my favorite records, and finish reading my current book. There is a lot to look forward to this week, with Chad Valley’s record Young Hunger out in the US today, and Grouplove, Freelance Whales, and Smashing Pumpkins all hitting Philly-area this week. Here are some tunes I was hoping to hear this weekend, I hope everyone who lives in an area affected by the hurricane is safe and warm!


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