Don’t Mind if I do! Album Reviews: Darwin Deez “Songs For Imaginative People” out February 12th!!

Darwin Deez

Everyone rejoice!! Our favorite curly-haired dreamboat, Darwin Deez, is back with a new album called Songs For Imaginative People, and because he is a saint, he is letting us stream the entire new album for free right now!

The album wastes no time opening with a weird yet magical track called “(800) Human” featuring the signature guitar sound, vocal harmonies and incredible lyrics we’ve grown to know, love and expect from Darwin Deez. With a surprising electronic finish that sounds like your computer is having a heart attack, which it probably is because it is nearly excited as you about listening to the new album.

The next track, “You Can’t Be My Girl” is a sassy and hilarious track in which Darwin Deez tells you a million reasons why he can’t stand you but wants to date you anyway, with lyrics like “I think I love…you are horrible”, “You’re so wrong, but somehow you win”, and my personal favorite: “You’re sweet, but you’re messed up…your best friend is a red cup”…heaaaard that. The lyrics soar over a background of uplifting guitars and drums, and with electronic dance breaks throughout. I can tell already that this new album is going to bring a new wave of dancing to their live shows. This, is another reason why I absolutely adore Darwin Deez.

Track 3 “Moonlit” reminds me of everything I love about 80s dance tracks, reminiscent of Janet Jackson and Peter Gabriel with a whole lot of dance. As you are dancing to the track you realize that Darwin is talking about falling out of love with his girlfriend, and he should just basically date me instead already . . . Or at least I hope that’s what he means.

“No Love” is a sultry, sweet track with brilliant guitars and keys, while Darwin Deez tells the story of wanting to be friends with a lost love as he tells us, “The way I feel might kill me if I let it and I just might”. No Darwin don’t!! Who else will we swoon over as you repeat “even healthy hearts have holes” at the end til a glorious fade out commences?

“Good to Lose” is another hilariously cheeky song with an uplifting dance base and lyrics you can’t help but laugh at such as: “I’ve got a hot date with a lawn gnome, I am gonna shop at home for carpet foam”, and other lyrics that make you slightly wish you lost your day job, “Because I am free to be asleep til 3 and allow my laundry to pile up on me”. Most importantly, we get to melt over Deez’s incredible falsetto as it features at the end of the track.

Track 6, called “Alice” is a fun and upbeat song probably talking about his gorgeous Australian long-distance girlfriend, Alice, which we can all be jealous of yet still love because the song is so damn cute and she obviously inspired it.

“Redshift” is a heart-wrenching but cheeky track where Deez reminds us how nerd-hot he is, as he gets all scientific with his lyrics to win his girlfriend back. “What did I do? The universe is mostly empty space without you.” Okay, we forgive you. What was that big bang you were talking about in the song?

“Free (The Editorial Me)” might sound familiar as it was the fast, electric, first taste of the new album Darwin Deez let us set our ears on. The song absolutely rocks and I cannot wait to hear it live in the mix of old and new tracks. “All In The Wrist” and “Chelsea’s Hotel” offer a softer, sweeter, yet still danceable end to the album. As you would expect from Darwin Deez his sophomore album is extremely danceable, smart, funny, yet rocking soundtrack of love, loss, heartache, and hope…and I cannot wait to buy it on vinyl

The worst thing about the album is we have to wait 5 more days for it to come out through Lucky Number music on February 12th. Until then, thank our lucky stars for Soundcloud and a handy “repeat” button!

Darwin Deez will be taking his super fun band on tour of the US, stopping in Philadelphia, on…when else? My birthday April 4th at First Unitarian Church. He will also be making another stop at my favorite festival SXSW, which I will be attending. Make sure you see him live in a city near you, and don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Darwin Deez US Tour:

2/28 – Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO (16+) Tickets
3/1 – Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT (All Ages) Tickets
3/3 – Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR (21+) Tickets
3/4 – Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, BC (19+) Tickets
3/5 – The Vera Project, Seattle, WA (All Ages) Tickets
3/7 – Bottom of The Hill, San Francisco, CA (All Ages) Tickets
3/8 – Echo, Los Angeles, CA (18+) Tickets
3/9 – Casbah, San Diego, CA (21+) Tickets
3/13 – 15th Mar TBA, SXSW, TX
3/16 – Prophet Bar, Dallas, TX Tickets
3/18 – The Record Bar, Kansas City, MO (18+) Tickets
3/19 – Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA (All Ages) Tickets
3/20 – 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN (18+) Tickets
3/21 – High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI (18+) Tickets
3/22 – Schubas Tavern, Chicago, IL (21+) Tickets
3/23 – Russian Recording, Bloomington, IN (All Ages) Tickets
3/25 – Ace of Cups, Columbus, OH (18+) Tickets
3/26 – Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA Tickets
3/27 – Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH Tickets
3/28 – Soundlab, Buffalo, NY (18+) Tickets Ticket
3/29 – The Garrison, Toronto, ON (19+) Tickets
3/30 – Casa del Popolo, Montreal, Canada (18+) Tickets
4/1 – Pearl Street Nightclub, Northampton, MA Tickets
4/2 – Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA (18+) Tickets
4/3 – Bowery Ballroom, NYC, NY Tickets
4/4 – First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA (All Ages) Tickets
4/5 – Black Cat, Washington DC (All Ages) Tickets

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