morning jam xx: The Bedroom “The Big Up”

the big up

Ob. sessed. The Bedroom is an audiovisual project from genius/dreamboat/21 year old independent artist Olan Stephens from Galway, Ireland. “The Big Up” is a track you can absolutely get lost in. It has such a full, addicting sound; between the sick hip hop reminiscent beats, badass bass, airy guitars and epic drums. Don’t get me started on how obsessed I am with the vocals…they bring another level of intensity to the song that makes the repeat button impossible not to press. Check out the rad music video below and follow The Bedroom on Facebook and Tumblr! Lyrics to “The Big Up” below the video:

We’ll work it out
On our way down
Come and tell me
It will be fine

Be still my friend
You’re still my friend
You want it all
You wanted out

Is this exactly what you want?

I’m hoping for
A shot at
Drug addicted sociopath
A second rate celebrity
With financial security
At least that
At least that
Where did the last two hours go?
He asks on repeat for the next
ten years of his life, worrying :
Is this exactly what you want?
What are we now
Who am I now
A biproduct of bipolarism
A sister of psychosis
Neither gentleman or genius
I need a way out of worrying

Is this exactly what you want?
Isn’t this everything you dreamed?

At every angle there’s a risk
Follow your heart right off the cliff
This is exactly what you want.
This could be everything you need.
This might be where you’re supposed to go.
This might be who you’re supposed to be.
This is the only chance you’ve got.
This is the only shot you need.
This is exactly what you want.
You Want It All.
You Wanted Out.

xx Cher

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