morning jam xx: Phox “Slow Motion”


New favorite band alert!! Phox seem like one of those bands you want to be in, or be best friends with… or if you are lucky, both.

From Madison, Wisconsin, Phox have released their new EP Confetti, and created super cute, fun, and upbeat videos to mirror their music. Check out more of their music and films here and watch the video for “Slow Motion” (with lyrics to sing along) below!

Phox are currently touring the US and will be playing Union Transfer in Philadelphia with Blitzen Trapper on September 30th. Tickets are only $18 and you can get them here! To find out when Phox are coming to your town and for more ticket information click here.

“Slow Motion” Lyrics:
Everything I do, I do in slow motion, I don’t know what to say
Everywhere I fall, don’t know name or location
baby I’ll just find my way, I’ll find it.
heavy is my sleeping, terror is my dreaming
while you’re pretty through the night
You can taste the salt that rolls off my cheekbone
but you don’t know why I cry

years ago now,
couldn’t hold my eyes to the stars
burdened by how they slept so far away
I see now this is better in so many ways
all the glitter is fire, burns the skin and leaves you with haste

Over mulled wine, all the tact fell through the floor
tripping over fine lines and you
If I stay here I’ll have some explaining to do
sins are in mind where there’s things I ought’a do

and for some time I’ve held these words from you
if you stay here, i’ll have some explaining
sins are in mind where there’s things i ought to do

xx Cher

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